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First contact: OS/2 on Intels new Ivybridge CPU

Intel released the 3rd generation of the Core family code name IvyBridge. On the 7th of may we had luck to get the hands on a new machine with such a CPU, it was shipped with a Core i7-3770. A desktop screenshot running some benchmarks is below.


Most of the things like ahci and network were working fine, but uniaud failed to initialize and the usb 3.0 controllers were still waiting for the right driver. Sysbench was working ok for all but the CPU bench – it simply froze the system. As it never happened before somebody with a similar CPU can maybe test it and report back. The benchmark result table will be available later, hopefully the next new CPU test will be AMDs already released Mobile Trinity CPU  or the desktop version that will be available in august 2012.

Update July 2012: the CPU bench problem is maybe not related to the IvyBridge CPU itself. There have been some talks about an usb3 driver in the os2world forum. The Trinity Desktop CPU is already available in OEM systems but for end users most likely later than august 2012.


25 years of OS/2

In 2012 OS/2 turned 25 years.  There have been some negative ‘news’ articles in connection with OS/2 on this special anniversary,  especially the wrong view of the current status of OS/2. We will cover here recent news and things about all that is  connected with warp. More later…