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Firefox 17 ESR Beta 2 for OS/2

The next beta release of the Firefox ESR browser is now available, get it from the project page. The main problem with the plugin container was reworked as the problem with the MMPM access could not be resolved. This new build includes the following enhancements:

  1. Fix crash in Print dialog when no printers installed
  2. Port IPC libraries used by the OOP (out-of-process) technology to OS/2
  3. Make Flash plugin work (non-OOP mode by default due to bugs in MMPM)
  4. Add EXCEPTQ support to generate verbose trap reports
  5. Fix distorted application icon

There are also news about the roadmap of the next releases. The first GA version will not be based on the latest ESR V17.0.10 code but on the latest V24.x ESR code level. The only question is if the GA version will be after the Beta 2 or a later Beta release.