Firefox 17.0.11 ESR Nightly for OS/2 released

This is a refreshed release of the latest ESR version from the ESR 17 branch containing all the security updates since the previous 17.0.5 build. This is a nightly tagged build containing back ported fixes from the Firefox 24 ESR port, the most important JavaScript fix is included. This port was made by Dave Yeo and is available on hobbes: Firefox 17.0.11 ESR os2 en-us (27MB). Dave also made a mozilla runtime zip that contains all required additional dlls for the Firefox 17 ESR and 24 ESR builds, download: moz_required_dlls. You also can use the download links provided in the Firefox ESR 24 beta news to get all required runtime dlls. Additional note, its required to set the preference “dom.ipc.plugins.enabled” to false, use about:config to set the value, it will prevent the 100% CPU usage when plugins are loaded.


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