OS/2 USB Stack Driver Updates: Version 1.9.9

This is an update of the 1.9.8 release from June, this update version 1.9.9 was released on 07/23/2015. It contains the following changes:

  • usbmsd: make drives > 65536*255*63 sectors (500 GB) work
  • usbmsd: make virtualized large floppy media > 500 GB work
  • usbmsd: increase timeouts for drives that take very long to resume from sleep
  • usbmsd: change device attach to closer match the Windows way of doing things
  • usbmsd: do not send REQUEST_SENSE after each TEST_UNIT_READY command in order to reduce the number of commands sent
  • usbd: deal with external hubs sending more status change pipe data then they should
  • usbprt: change the way stalled pipes are cleared (clear ransmission error to get device operational again)
  • usbcalls: latest updates to the interface functions (C and REXX interface)

A list with all drivers that are contained in the install package:

usb host controller driver


usb base driver

  • usbd.sys
  • usbresmg.sys/usbcalls.dll

usb hid driver


misc. usb driver

  • USBPRT.SYS – USB printer port



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