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NetDrive V3.1.5 for OS/2 released

It has been a while since version 3.1.4 which was released in 2011. NetDrive for OS/2 is now back with the new version 3.1.5, it contains some fixes and extensions for the updated SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) plugin. NetDrive is shareware, this is also true for the new SFTP-Plugin V3.1.5. The Update is free for already registered 3.x program versions.

NetDrive 3.1.5 Control Panel

Netdrive 3.1.5 Control Panel

More information can be found on the offical Netdrive page


Firefox ESR 38 for OS/2: update to version 38.8.0

An update from 38.2.1 to 38.8.0 (Beta 7) has been released. There has been no major enhancements in the port except security fixes. Changes for this release:

  • native printing is disabled
  • simple (zip) based setups are not supported

RDesktop 1.8.3 for OS/2

It has been a while since the last port of rdesktop had been released. This port is now based on the latest source of rdesktop 1.8.3. It has the following features compared to previous versions:

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Sound redirection/sharing
  • SeamlessRDP mode
  • Clipboard redirection (text and images)
  • Directories redirection
  • Serial devices redirection

What is not correctly working is the CredSSP (NLA) support required for newer RDP protocol support. In case NLA is disabled on the target system the connection works without a problem.

RDesktop 1.8.3 for OS/2

RDesktop 1.8.3 for OS/2 connected to Windows 2012 R2 Server

OS/2 USB Stack Driver Updates: Version 10.20.2

This is a new release (02/13/2016) of all base usb drivers for OS/2 and eComstation. It includes the latest fixes for regression present in earlier 10.x releases.


Firefox ESR 38 for OS/2 Beta 6 released

The long awaited Firefox ESR 38 release (38.2.1) is now available after the previous alpha builds in 2015. It took some more time to work on the new fontconfig support and the pango/cairo display engine. The font support and rendering has changed compared to previous versions and thus it requires additional config files and runtime dlls. A newer Cairo version is required for pango, this was ported and is working but printing is currently broken because of this change.
The update to ESR 38.6.1 is already on the way, Mozilla’s next planed update will be ESR 38.7.0.

Firefox 38 ESR beta for OS/2

Firefox 38.2.1 ESR beta for OS/2

Changes in this release:

  • Switch to original fontconfig for much better font substitution.
  • Switch from GPI to Pango for better text layout and rendering. This obsoletes ‘gfx.os2.font.*’ properties and also brings long-awaited support for @font-face (loadable Web fonts).
  • Temporarily disable native print driver support which is currently broken.

Firefox 38.2.1 ESR Release OS/2 Beta 6 (en)

Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 GA for OS/2 released


Bitwiseworks has just released a new Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 for OS/2. This is an update release with several enhancements and fixes. Check the official Release Notes for Apache OpenOffice 4.1.2 for more information, for the OS/2 port check the included readme_aoo.txt.

OpenOffice 4.1.2 for OS/2 is available for the following languanges:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian

The packaging has changed in this version, every language version is now a base package with the the language pack included, just if you need an additional language then it is required to install the corresponding language pack.

All files can be found on this dropbox folder. The dropbox folder needs a password: bww The download is free but please make a donation for bww bitwise works to support the development of this port.


Firefox ESR 38 for OS/2: target release in december

Time goes by and the next release of Firefox is still not ready. The reason for that was a delay of work on required fixes and the recent work on the font code to replace the old one. A prerequisite for this to work was to update and fix a bunch of required libs: fontconfig, libtool, glib, freetype2, harfbuzzm, cairo, pixman and pango. All this is required to get a current font code in the codebase working like it is for other platforms. There has been a big progress on all new lib code but some work on the rendering is still required as a current build won’t render any characters correctly. In case the work on the code continues without big delays then a public build release in december or january should be possible.

Firefox ESR nightly OS/2 preview november 2015

Firefox ESR nightly OS/2 preview november 2015