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Firefox ESR 38 for OS/2: target release in december

Time goes by and the next release of Firefox is still not ready. The reason for that was a delay of work on required fixes and the recent work on the font code to replace the old one. A prerequisite for this to work was to update and fix a bunch of required libs: fontconfig, libtool, glib, freetype2, harfbuzzm, cairo, pixman and pango. All this is required to get a current font code in the codebase working like it is for other platforms. There has been a big progress on all new lib code but some work on the rendering is still required as a current build won’t render any characters correctly. In case the work on the code continues without big delays then a public build release in december or january should be possible.

Firefox ESR nightly OS/2 preview november 2015

Firefox ESR nightly OS/2 preview november 2015


Firefox ESR for OS/2: the update to the ESR 38 branch

Mozilla already switched from Firefox ESR 31 to the ESR 38 branch in March 2015. The work on the OS/2 version of the port started at the end of July 2015.  It was required to go to the current 38.2.0 code base because of the broken exception handling in 38.1.0.  Mozilla did a lot of code changes, the big ones are listed below:

  • OOP support for the print dialog
  • DOS and OS/2 specific encoding charsets were removed (Bug 1068514)
  • changes in the system exception handling
  • the move to C++ 11 compatible code
  • JS string conversion changes

The previous OOP support for the plugin container was not working because of some unknown issues with OS/2’s multimedia framework. Thus the OOP support for printing will be most likely not be available in the recent OS/2 port. The base work was finished on 10th of September. The next step before the first alpha build is the work on build issues left. The current code level is 38.2.1 and there will be no new runtime libraries.



Firefox 17 ESR Beta 2 for OS/2

The next beta release of the Firefox ESR browser is now available, get it from the project page. The main problem with the plugin container was reworked as the problem with the MMPM access could not be resolved. This new build includes the following enhancements:

  1. Fix crash in Print dialog when no printers installed
  2. Port IPC libraries used by the OOP (out-of-process) technology to OS/2
  3. Make Flash plugin work (non-OOP mode by default due to bugs in MMPM)
  4. Add EXCEPTQ support to generate verbose trap reports
  5. Fix distorted application icon

There are also news about the roadmap of the next releases. The first GA version will not be based on the latest ESR V17.0.10 code but on the latest V24.x ESR code level. The only question is if the GA version will be after the Beta 2 or a later Beta release.

Firefox 17 ESR: take back the web

Nearly 2 months after the last post about the Firefox port for OS/2 the team now published their first public beta version of Firefox 17.0.5 ESR. Compared to the previous 10.x ESR branch this version has speed improvements in loading pages, it will also play webm video like the previous version. The preview version has of course several issues: printing doesn’t work, input fields nearly always crashes the browser among other random crashes. The developer will be happy about user feedback, the download and all other information about the beta can be found on the Firefox development page.

Firefox 17 ESR beta for OS/2

Firefox 17 ESR beta for OS/2

Firefox ESR: Waiting for the next release

The OS/2 line of Firefox ESR stopped at the Firefox V10.x ESR releases. In spring 2013 bitwiseworks planned to work on an ESR V17.x branch port for OS/2 and eCS.  The port is a donation based project and not by surprise the release is still not out because not all of the required money has been yet collected. Now it happened that Mozilla already switched to the new ESR branch V24.x some days ago and that will make this still unfinished port already an old version. For more check the Mozilla ESR for OS/2 project page at .

Update 10/22/2013: The developer could build a test build that can be seen in the screenshot. An official puplic build should be available within the next few weeks.