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OS/2 Java team releases a java plugin beta for Mozilla based browser

A long awaited feature that was not in the GA1 and GA2 releases of Java 6 for OS/2. JRE and Odin needs to be on the latest level then its possible to give it a try. Here it was an easy install without a problem.

OS/2 Java browser plugin  iceteaweb for Mozilla

Home of the IcedTeaWeb Plugin

There has been some serious problem with other java application that were ok on the GA2 build but on GA3 they will simply crash. Now is a hotfix available that will address this issue, download the GA3 Hotfix.


unknown MCI error

Recently i got into a strange problem when a simple sound player was showing me “mci error 5613: Insufficient buffer size specified.” instead of playing the stream.¬† A quick system check showed nothing wrong. Maybe somebody else has an idea what is exactly wrong because the error message isn’t maybe telling the right thing.