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Firefox 24 ESR Beta1 for OS/2 Warp & eCS

The first public beta of Firefox 24 ESR for OS/2 is now available. It comes with the following enhancements compared to the previous Firefox 17 ESR Beta2 release:

  • Fix SIGFPE crashes in JavaScript module
  • Use newer GCC 4.7.3 compiler (requires GCC 4.7.3 runtime)
  • Provide full debug info (in separate package) for better error finding


Known Bugs:

  • Sound backend is broken/missing thus no sound e.g. on youtube with html5 player
  • broken spell checker

Additional notes can be found on the project page.




First Firefox 24 ESR test build

The current build of Firefox 24 for OS/2 is the first build that contains a lot of fixes since the release of Firefox 17 ESR Beta 2. In first place it addresses the FPU exception handling problem. The debug test build download is on netlabs (200MB). Because of the compiler change the new GCC 4.7.3 runtime dlls are required: gcc runtime.
Update 05/28/2014 : a refreshed non debug build is now available: download (33MB)