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OS/2 on AMD’s new “Richland” A8 6500T 45W processor

AMD now offers a 45W CPU from the Richland family which was released in the 3/4q 2013. There was again a problem with ACPI like on the Haswell machine, but this time not a crash right from the bootup but a boot problem in stage 2.

OS/2 Desktop running on AMD's new "Richland" A8 6500T processor

OS/2 Desktop running on AMD’s new “Richland” A8 6500T processor


eComStation V2.2 DemoCD Beta 5 released

Some days ago Serenity/Mensys released a new DemoCD V2.2 Beta 5 of eComstation (an OEM Version of OS/2) with refreshed base drivers. You can grab the iso after registering your mail address from the DemoCD page.